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About the Author

J. E. Knowles was born in Johnson City, Tennessee, in 1972, grew up in Carter County, and first published in Phoenix at the age of seventeen. She then went to the University of Chicago, where she earned a B.A. Her work appeared in Chicago Poet and the Chicago Literary Review, and she was a member of the Grey City Journal Editorial Collective.

In 1992 she went to Oxford and fell in love. She kept going back until the University awarded her a Diploma in Jewish Studies.

She emigrated to Canada in 2000 and has long advocated U.S. federal recognition of same-sex relationships. "Long-distance love and its hurdles" appeared in The Globe and Mail on 3 March 2005, the year she was naturalized Canadian.

J. E. Knowles is a graduate of the Humber School for Writers in Toronto. She moved to England on the same day that Mary Travers died.

© J. E. Knowles

Photography credits: Ben Knowles, Bob Haisman, P. J. Radley, Wayne Brewer, Watty Boss